LifeGlass (n) [lahyf glas]
> a MacOS menubar app to track how much time you have left...

Hi! I made this in my free time to use myself. I hope it helps you out 😛


v0.1 Cleaned up user interface, added countdown to death feature xD

v0.0 Added the basic implementation for counting age


Q: Do I get free updates?

A: Of course! You will receive a lifetime of free app updates and upgrades.

Q: How do I make the app launch on startup?

A: You can add LifeGlass to your launch startup list as detailed here. Unfortunately, Apple limits the launch on start without needing to change configuration settings to only developer accounts. I am saving up for the $100 /yr subscriptions costs to implement this functionality :)

Q: How can I get notified of new app developments and projects you work on?

A: You can signup to be notified through this form . I'll plug ya with exclusive discounts and offers

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